How to use PowerPoint or other graphic slides in a video production…

powerpointTo sum up the problem, a television set does not have near the resolution of a computer monitor. Therefore any graphic slides created on a computer must be large enough to make the conversion to video. Here are some tips on how to create or modify such graphics:

  1. All horizontal lines should be 1.5 points OR MORE in width if possible. In fact, all lines should be as wide as possible, but horizontal lines shimmer if they are too thin.
  2. Using the ruler tool, be sure that everything on screen is at least 1″ from the four edges.
  3. Text should be BOLD and 20 points or larger if possible. 16 is readable, but not very…..
  4. Text should have edges. For all but black backgrounds, use a black edge. Do not use the “S” button at the top near the “bold” and “italics” button. Instead, use the drawing toolbar (this can be opened by going to “tools” and “customize.”) From there go to “shadow settings” and open that toolbar. Be sure the shadow on/off button is on for EACH TIME and select the black background on the far right icon. Don’t use too much of an offset — the center icons can adjust how much you give it. We suggest you put shadow below and to the right of the letters. If you do have a black background on your slides, use gray as your shadow color.
  5. Use red sparingly. It is not a video-friendly color, as it tends to bleed, especially when viewed on a monitor rather than a computer screen.