Selecting your location for optimal lighting and audio quality…

One consistent rule in shooting with a video camera is that we can deliver just about any look and sound you want — if you are willing to throw enough money at it.

From a practical point of view, the decision becomes one of trade-offs: is the shot worth the time (and money!) required to make it presentable and believable for the final production? This applies to location selection. Careful consideration to lighting and sound must be made in order to produce professional quality results when shooting with a video camera.

Who wouldn’t want a beautiful bright window in the shot? shoot in front of window

Well, in production terms, bright windows may create severe lighting challenges. Since daylight is generally brighter than interior lighting and has a different color temperature, it may tend to wash out or even alter the skin tone of your subject. A quality lighting professional and an expert make-up artist would be invaluable in this situation!

Boy those lights are hot! Air-conditioning anyone? Watch out!

On a location shoot a simple thing like air conditioning can wreak havoc with the audio portion of your program. Other audio red flags include: telephones, clocks, intercom systems, the neighbors, general office noise and outside street or air traffic. Extensive sound shaping through use of various microphones can minimize such disturbances and enhance the sound, but it’s much simpler and therefore cheaper to begin with a pristine audio environment.