Video production San Francisco Bay Area


Our Recent Video Production Work

Our video production work in the San Francisco Bay Area, Silicon Valley and worldwide has allowed us to become involved with an amazingly diverse number of businesses and industries. That's one of the best parts about our jobs: amazing variety. We pride ourselves on being able to get up to speed and help share your message, regardless of the type of product of service.

Here are some of our more recent projects. We'll add more when possible so please come back.

Mover and Shaker:

"Intro: Vibration Testing on Shakers"

This video is the first in a series produced for Crystal Instruments. Vibration testing is a highly technical yet important concept for manufacturers worldwide.


Testimonial Product Video:

NDS Surgical Imaging "Zerowire"

Shows the features, benefits and advantages of using NDS wireless remote HD monitors in the operating room. The use of doctor and nurse testimonials added great credibility.


Onboarding Video:

Satellite Healthcare

Satellite Healthcare came to us for a new hire orientation video. It is shown to new employees as an overview of the company's history, benefits, etc.


Sustainability Efforts:

Kudos for Sustainability Efforts

The Institute for Local Government in Sacramento needed a video to celebrate the cities who earned Beacon Award Program laurels in 2015 for their sustainability efforts.


Sales/marketing video:


This video was done entirely with 2-dimensional animation in order to explain the workings of Sphere3D's SnapCLOUD storage solution to potential clients.


User Group Meeting Wrap:

RTDS Users Group Meeting in SF

The folks at RTDS in Canada were coming to San Francisco, so they turned to Penrose Productions to create a recap video for their 2015 Users Group Meeting.


Grand Opening - San Jose:

Grand Opening, Cool Cars

This video was created for the celebration and presentations at the Elektrobit Silicon Valley Innovation Center grand opening. Amazing parties and very cool cars!


Product Promo/Demo:

Crystal Instruments again

We did a whole series of video of videos for Crystal, minimizing their shoot cost per video by recording all the narrations/explanations in one day.


City Brags on Themselves:

City of San Carlos

San Carlos highlighted their award-winning efforts in sustainability and drought awareness. The video was shared on the city website and shown to citizen gatherings.


Owner On-camera Promo:

Bryant Solutions

This promo featured the owner speaking on camera. This radio frequency training firm serves  corporations, the military and government entities.


To Drone or Not to Drone:


Drone shoot highlights this trade show video made for the CES. Loud crowd noise means trade show videos can't have important info communicated via a sound track.




To take a look at some of our award winning work from the age of standard definition TV (e.g. the 1990s), check out these other videos.