I would like to thank you and your staff for the outstanding job you did producing the Altera corporate video. We were very pleased with your staff’s professionalism and knowledge of the video industry. Everyone was multi-tasked and proficient in all sectors of video production.

I had interviewed several other video companies, but because of the short turnaround time, felt Penrose had a breadth of knowledge in the high tech industry, and could easily comprehend and adapt to the programmable logic device industry. I was correct, we were very impressed with Penrose’s creativity and how efficiently the video production was handled.

Altera originally planned the video as a promotional tape, to be shown in the Tech Museum of Innovation, for the September Corporate Sponsorship month. But Altera’s expectations grew, and the tape took on many new faces. HR wanted a recruiting tape and the sales department thought it would be a great pre-sales tool. Penrose was able to readjust the copy and production to fit all of our needs in the short time we had.

We would like to thank you for everything you’ve done to guarantee the video’s success.

Cheryl Scritchfield