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At last, a video production company that guarantees its work!

How in the world can a video production/marketing company possibly GUARANTEE satisfaction on their custom work?

Good question!  After all, you sure don't see that offer from other video or multimedia production companies you might deal with, do you?  

The answer is COLLABORATION.  We become your PARTNERS in the project, totally invested in YOUR success.  From the beginning, we sit down with you to determine just what your goals are for the production: what it should accomplish, how it will work with other aspects of the project, how it will be implemented.  And we know that no video or multimedia piece can ever accomplish meaningful results by just sitting there, so we work with you to determine how to present it to its intended audience.  We focus an MBA perspective with 30+ years of experience in the field to zero in on what results can be reasonably expected.  This experience is not only in producing quality award-winning video/multimedia programs, but in a huge variety of business applications as well, from non-profit to high tech and from sales and marketing to training and communications.

But let's be honest -- rarely are video and multimedia projects used in isolation.  More commonly the production will be used in conjunction with other materials or presentations to achieve a desired result.  Because of our extensive business and communications experience, we work WITH you to integrate the various inputs, including video or multimedia.  We help you look STRATEGICALLY at the BIG PICTURE, then get down to the fine TACTICAL details.

After all, we can stockpile all the video and multimedia awards in the world (and we have more than our share of awards), but what good does it do if the production just looks pretty and accomplishes nothing?  Gone are the days when organizations could afford the luxury of warm and fuzzy programs.  Your video/multimedia dollars are an INVESTMENT, and we want to join you to gain a favorable return on that investment.

During the exploratory process, we map out a series of goals and benchmarks.  We commit to developing the production to meet your bottom-line goals -- for example, to increase sales revenue, or perhaps lowered costs through training. If the goal is harder to quantify, we may measure other desirable results, such as improved employee attitudes, increased program awareness, or more visitors to a trade show booth, to name a few.

Our commitment to you -- if you don't feel that we did our job to provide you with a worthwhile return on investment, DON'T PAY!  

Try getting that guarantee from another video or multimedia production company. 

Frankly, because we will depend on one another for those results, we do not accept all projects.  After reviewing your needs, we may recommend that video or multimedia are not the ways to bring results to your bottom line for a particular application.

But it costs absolutely nothing to find out -- NO RISK AT ALL.  Contact us today to get a complimentary assessment of your project.  Together we'll look at being your teammate in your success.