Northern California video production work for Orcon…

We’ve done several videos over the years for Orcon, primarily at their factory in Union City. However, the most fun was the one above, which served as a catalog for the Orcon products and was used at trade shows. Since 95% of Orcon’s customers for their carpet installation tools were men, we created a tongue-in-cheek sports magazine parody that showcased their team of products.

Since hiring Pat Summerall and John Madden was way out of the video production budget, we hired lesser known professional actors as Pat Overalls and John Padding. We named the show “Dream Teams of the Century” and this episode focused on the great team of carpet installation tools from Orcon.

Our on-field reporter was shot at the football stadium at Cal Berkeley. At the time, the field was made of artificial turf, perfect for our references to “the carpet.”

This video production was more typical of the work we did for Orcon – a carpet installation training video.

Cleaning up the carpet for the “after” shot.

This video won a local Joey award for video scripting.