Award winning Silicon valley video production work for Flextronics…

We’ve done several Flextronics videos over the years, including some multiple award winners. The shot above used a fog machine, large lights, and silks to capture a short scene at Hakone Gardens in Saratoga.


Flextroniics used this corporate video to share their pride in the progress they have made in their contract manufacturing work. It received the national Telly and Aegis Awards and a local ITVA awrd. You can see the results of the shot above from Hakone at 2:18 into the video.

“We Are…”

This video was a meeting opener used at a client and employee bash on the USS Hornet in Alameda. It was given both a national Aegis and local Joey and ITVA awards.

“Global Solutions”

This corporate overview video was designed for new associates and for trade shows in order to show off the company capabilities. It combines some footage shot by others overseas with footage we gathered in the Bay Area. Our editing, animation, narration, and music all added up to earn us national Aegis, Axiem and Videographer Awards.