Award winning video production work for Adecco…

We’ve done several Adecco videos over the years that have been multiple award winners:

Job Shop

This marketing video introduced the Adecco Job Shop kiosk. It was given 4 national awards as well as 2 local awards, including the Best of Show Award.

Make a Change

Adecco totally revamped their marketing collateral materials and this video helped introduce that. It received the national Axiem and Aegis Awards.

We’re So Cool

This video was a meeting opener used by management in a high level meeting in Las Vegas. It earned national Aegis, Axiem and Videographer awards and a local ITVA award.


This introductory video was designed for new associates. It combines animation with actors, narration, and music, and won national Aurora, Axiem and Videographer Awards..

TAD Welcome

When TAD was acquired by Adecco, the latter asked us to produce a video to expose the newly absorbed employees to the Adecco culture.