Video production San Francisco Bay Area

exterior video shot streets of Hong Kong Worldwide video production by Penrose Productions for ASAT

video production in France at ASAT video broll in Nancy France by Penrose Productions




Worldwide video production work for ASAT...

Shooting on location in Wales, France, and Hong Kong while on a round-the-world trip for ASAT.




Location video footage and 3D animation were combined to produce a trade show/product introduction video for the ASAT Edquad chip package. The footage came from an around the world trip to the company's facilities in the USA, Wales, France and Hong Kong.


exterior video shot at Hong Kong Harbor Shooting in Hong Kong Harbor.
Video production shots in the clean room at the Nancy, France facility.
exterior video shot in France Setting up a dolly shot for the ASAT exterior in Nancy, France.
video production at the PEak, Hong Kong More Broll video shots from the Peak in Hong Kong.
video production in Wales On location for ASAT gathering Broll shots near their plant in Wales.