Video Marketing Weekly from Penrose Productions 3/28/17

Live video is emerging as a terrific way for business owners and service providers to connect with their audiences.

live video with Kevin HartThere are a number of platforms that offer this option, including YouTube, Facebook  and Twitter.

This week in our edition of Video Marketing Weekly, the lead article focuses on the rapidly growing area of live video.

Live video is a huge opportunity for sellers to connect with their potential market. In this lead article, the authors share about 10 of the Top Live Video Influencers to Follow.

Kevin Hart is one of those top 10 but not for reasons you might think.

This article is worth a look if you are trying to target a national or international audience, rather than targeting just a local audience.

If your customers must come into your brick and mortar business, live video is not advised for you. Live video can be a factor that helps you market, but due to your limited audience, your efforts will rely largely on recordings of those live video clips that you record.


We would be delighted to help you develop a strategy for using live video to appeal to a nationwide audience.

We can also create a hybrid strategy of live/recorded videos to appeal to a local market if that is your target area.

Over our 35+ years in video production and marketing, we have extensive of experience helping businesses create the right approach and appeal to their audience. Our expertise in both video and business has earned us the understanding and ability to get companies aimed in the right direction for their video marketing efforts.

We exist as a company to be able to put our over 3 decades of video production and marketing experience to work for clients at companies of all sizes.

Get in touch with us so we can help you understand the targets, strategies and audiences for your future video marketing needs.

By the way, there are many other interesting articles in this edition of the Video Marketing Weekly, so please be sure to check them out. There are lots of helpful of hints and tips contained in there.

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Video Marketing Weekly from Penrose Productions 3/7/17

Here’s the latest edition of the Video Marketing Weekly from Penrose Productions.

BtoB video marketing takes center stage as we compile another of our weekly editions of the Video Marketing Weekly. Here we curate content from throughout the internet postings of the last week about video marketing. We’ve gathered up blog posts and articles from around the web and brought them together for you here your reference.

This week, the lead article is about BtoB video marketing and is titled, Influencer Marketing in B2B: Why Video is the Way to Go.It addresses the topic of BtoB video marketing for businesses that want to grow.

The article explores the opportunities that BtoB video marketing offers to BtoB companies, especially putting influencers in front of the camera rather than writing a blog.

One of the outstanding quotes about BtoB video marketing in this lead article is that businesses know “how to shoot video with good lighting and audio… this doesn’t need to be Hollywood quality, but it does need to be something that people will tune in to. If it’s longer than a couple of minutes, there needs to be a lot of b-roll to keep people entertained; millennials especially.”

As always, the brevity of the lead article prohibits an in-depth look at the issue.”

That’s where we come in. We can help lead you through the minefields of BtoB video marketing so that you can reach your intended audience if you are in that type of business.

We would be delighted to put our 35+ years of video production and marketing experience to work for cmpanies that “get it” about the need for video marketing – even BtoB video marketing.

So please, let us know if we can help you define and determine the targets and strategies for your video marketing going forward.

There are lots of other articles in this edition of the Video Marketing Weekly (most in English!), so we hope you’ll mine through them to gather the hints and tips necessary to guide your strategy and tactics for using video marketing to increase your profits.

At Penrose Productions, as always we are quite pleased to share this gathering of video marketing articles to help inform our clients about the many opportunities that video marketing brings as part of a modern digital business mix. There is no charge to subscribe, so we urge you to do so.

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