Facebook Videos for Marketing

Can Facebook videos be used along with YouTube and other platforms for marketing?

Video marketing involves knowing where your audience spends most of its time and knowing how to tap into that audience. In the age of social media, Social media platforms are numerous, but your potential customers probably favor one or two over the others. if you are a business that has clients who frequent social media platforms (and that’s almost everyone nowadays) you need to be sure to reach them where they hang out.

This is particularly true in the area of video marketing.

For example, you shouldn’t be posting Facebook videos when trying to show off your product or service for industrial uses. Your target market does not look there for what you have to offer.

facebook videos or youtube

One of the most successful video marketers is Gary Vaynerchuk, who has succeeded wildly with his videos where he tastes and recommends (and coincidentally – not! – sells) wine. He points out in his article that if you want to do Facebook video marketing, you need to embed your videos directly on Facebook.

If your customers hang out on Facebook, you need to take this advice to heart.

That is because the Facebook video algorithm for which videos they will suggest and show actually strongly favors those who stay on Facebook. Facebook does not look kindly on links YouTube videos posted on their pages. Instead, they favor Facebook videos posted directly on their platform. Those are given a higher preference than any other metric – images, outbound links, status updates etc. This change allows Facebook to keep users on its platform instead of sending them away to YouTube etc. for viewing videos.

So if you want your video to get exposure and possibly go viral, you need to upload Facebook videos directly to Facebook rather than link to videos off that platform.

Further, as a video marketer, you need to harness the power of this increased preference for videos on Facebook by interacting with your audience using those native Facebook videos. Facebook also has powerful user data that you can use to target your niche audience using sponsored ads. By using targeting options such age, gender, location, interests etc. you can tap into users that are most interested in your brand or service. By doing this, you are automatically increasing your engagement since folks that are interested in your brand are more likely to share and interact with your videos, giving you the maximum bang for your advertising and video marketing buck.

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